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Most of the ample stock piles by quality UK vehicle dismantlers specialising in used "Kia Sorento Electrical System Spares" for sale on the Internet, CSF offer at least one SORENTO major source for even the rarest vehicle accessory. When you need your Electrical System Spares quickly for your Kia Sorento and you demand that you want a a reconditioned rather than new, we can help by putting you in touch with SORENTO breakers today by simply making your request online now.

Up to 80% savings for the Kia Sorento Electrical System Spares and more from breaker yards and motor spares suppliers .

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  • 05.54am: Sorento (03 09) Xse *ELECTRICAL PART (write part in notes) 2.5l. For year 2005 id=1597488 Climate control unit .
  • 04.36pm: Sorento (03 09) XT SAT NAV . For year 2008 id=1590741 .
  • 06.20pm: Sorento (03 09) ex RADIO 2.5. For year 2005 id=1390693 .

  • What Vistors Requested

  • 04.12pm: XS Sorento (03 09) Electrical System Spares 2.5 2008 id=1598338
  • 04.12pm: XS Sorento (03 09) Electrical System Spares 2.5 2008 id=1598339
  • 06.52pm: xt Sorento (03 09) Electrical System Spares 2.5l 2006 id=1598181
  • 03.38pm: Sorento (03 09) Electrical System Spares 2.5 id=1598155
  • List Requested Years Derivatives Engine Size

    XS 2.5 2008.XS 2.5 2008.xt 2.5l 2006. 2.5 . 2.5 . 2.5 2006. 2005. 2.5 2006. 2006.XS 2.5CRDI 2008.
    Electric Motors, Wiper, Window and Starter, Solenoid
    Sorento Wiper Motor Sorento Starter Motor Sorento Window Motors Sorento Heater Motor
    Sorento Convertible Roof Motor Sorento Headlight Motor Sorento Sunroof Motor Sorento Radiator Fan Motor
    Sorento Starter Solenoid

    Audio Parts, CD Multi Changer, Radio Stereo Tape Player and Sat Nav
    Sorento Sat Nav Sorento CD Player

    Electric Switches, Door Lock, Indicator, Ignition, Window, Heated Seat, Mirror, Foglight and Headlight
    Sorento Ignition Switch Sorento Indicator Switch Stalk Sorento Door Lock Switch Sorento Door Mirror Electric Switch
    Sorento Electric Window Switch Sorento Foglight Switch Sorento Headlight Switch Sorento Heated Seat Switch
    Sorento ESP Switch Sorento De-Mister Switch

    Electric Radiator Fans, Alternators and Aircon Pumps
    Sorento Alternator Sorento Electric Radiator Fan Sorento Window Washer Pump

    Ignition Electrics, Modules, Amplifiers, Control Units, ECU, Distributer and Coils
    Sorento Ignition Coil Sorento Ignition Control Unit Sorento Distributor
    Sorento Ignition Amplifier Sorento Ignition Module Sorento Window Washer Pump

    Electric Accessories, Wiring Looms, Horn, Window Regulator, Indicator Relay and Units
    Sorento Wiring Loom Sorento Window Regulator Sorento Relay Unit Sorento Fusebox
    Sorento Indicator Unit Sorento Cruise Control Unit Sorento Horn Sorento Indicator Relay
    Sorento Steering Angle Sensor

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