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Save time. CSF has made it easy to locate spare "Kia Pride Engine" online, quickly and easily with many parts being the genuine PRIDE article so take time out today to complete the form online. When you need your Engine quickly for your Kia Pride and you demand that you want a a reconditioned rather than new, we can help by putting you in touch with PRIDE breakers today by simply making your request online now.

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  • 12.50pm: Pride (91 00) GLXi *ENGINE PART (write part in notes) 1300. For year 2000 id=1389916 stepper .
  • 01.30pm: Pride (91 00) *ENGINE PART (write part in notes) cd.5. For year 1996 id=1236127 car preter .

  • What Vistors Requested

  • 12.50pm: GLXi Pride (91 00) Engine 1300 2000 id=1389915
  • 12.50pm: GLXi Pride (91 00) Engine 1300 2000 id=1389916
  • 04.10pm: Pride (91 00) Engine 1.3 1999 id=1388198
  • 12.47am: sx Pride (91 00) Engine 1.324 1999 id=1387191
  • List Requested Years Derivatives Engine Size

    GLXi 1300 2000.GLXi 1300 2000. 1.3 1.324 1.324 1999.KNEDA2422YK261758 1988. 1300 1995. 1.3 2000.MFT5219565 1300 1996.LX 1324 1998.
    Engine Complete Diesel, Mounts and Cylinder Heads
    Pride Petrol Engine Pride Diesel Engine Pride Cylinder Head Pride Engine Mount

    Crankshafts, Pulleys, Belt Tensioners, Fly Wheels and Idlers
    Pride Crankshaft Pulley Pride Camshaft Pride Belt Tensioner Pulley Pride Belt Idler Pulley
    Pride Crankshaft Pride Fly Wheel

    Timing Covers, Sumps, Throttle Body, Rocker Cover and Air Filter Box
    Pride Throttle Body Pride Timing Cover Pride SUMP Pride Rocker Cover
    Pride Air Filter Box

    Engine Management ECU, Idle Control and Overrun Valves: Injectors. Air Metering Units, Knock and Camshaft Sensors
    Pride Injectors Pride ECU Pride ECU (ENGINE MANAGMENT) Pride Air Metering Unit
    Pride Anti Knock Sensor Pride Camshaft Sensor Pride Idle Control Valve Pride Overrun Valve

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